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All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace

Part 3 of an Adam Curtis doc series, so ESSENTIAL viewing, natch. Interestingly, George Price crops up in this one. Google also: The Power of Nightmares; The Century of the Self; The Trap.


compact discs

I'll be selling advance copies of Radial Images at Shoes and Socks Off / Hymns shows this month.

friday 8th july 2011 - the Rainbow, Birmingham
saturday 9th july 2011 - the windmill, brixton
sunday 10th july 2011 - vibe bar, london
friday 22nd july 2011 - off the cuff - the flapper - birmingham (saso only)
saturday 23rd july 2011 - the croft, bristol
saturday 23rd july 2011 - Tramlines Festival (Matinee Show), Sheffield
friday 29th july 2011 - The Bell Inn, Derby
saturday 30th july 2011 - Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds

in a bit


live! tonight! roll out!

tonight. the hydrant. brighton.


leroy, leroy, leroy.

so, our rad van, Leroy, decided to sack his clutch. hence, fridays show didnt happen. ta, Leroy. however, we are playing in Brighton on Monday (20th), i believe the responsible party is the Illness brigade. although, i'm not all that sure.
communication is the key.


heck stacks

being the only member of this band that doesn't live in brighton might mean i am a bit behind in pointing this out, but i have just listened to Do You Feel What I Feel Deer, and brighton based project, and it is stunning. go

its utterly brilliant.
in other news, i believe that our albums arrived at function records HQ today...


summer special

i can't stop listening to this record. it's called Applause Cheer Boo Hiss, and it's by Land of Talk. it's rad. we planned to head of on tour shortly, it's proving to be tricky to get off the ground. either way, we are playing on the 17th in nottingham with Fresh Eyes for the Dead Guy. I'm not sure exactly where it is, but i'll post as soon as i know.
the rekerd will be out in august, when we shall tour it like real men. we are men. i think we might be playing a few shows with Nitkowski. that'll be rad.
in a bit.




got a show this friday (20th) at the links in fleet.